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🌊💙 River Clean - River Wensum 💙🌊

On Sunday 14th November, I set off from Hellesdon Mill on the river Wensum for a river clean!

I collected 3.75kg of litter from the river, mostly consisting of cans and plastic bottles...

I found 2 shopping trolleys (1 on the bank and 1 in the water), unfortunately I didn't have the space on my board for 1 let alone 2! So I'll find out who I need to report it to for them to be collected.

Other interesting finds were a rubber duck and a balloon.

When I'd got home I sorted through the bags as there was a lot of litter I could recycle.

The main items collected were: • 20 x Plastic Bottles. • 27 x Cans. • 2 x Glass Bottles.

You name a beer brand, it's there pretty much!

The rest consisted of a rubber duck, football player sticker, plastic carrier bag, balloon, lynx aerosol, plastic saucer, kinder surprise case, plastic bread bag, mini cheddars crisp packet, polystyrene, coca cola bottle label, plastic pomegranate bauble, Capri Sun pouch and some parma violet sweets.

I left the 2 shopping trolleys there, of which the Environment Agency and Broadland Council would need to remove.

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