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BBC Radio Norfolk - Norfolk Day

On Tuesday 19th July, I was on BBC Radio Norfolk with Kayleigh Poacher...

The main talking point was beach cleaning and the upcoming Norfolk Day to celebrate our bootiful county!

At the weekend on Saturday 16th July, I hosted a beach clean to celebrate #PADIWomensDiveDay as I wasn't diving I did the next best thing which was to #ProtectWhatILove #ForTheOcean by being at the beach removing litter from the environment.

I was joined by 3 volunteers this morning at Haven Seashore, Great Yarmouth and we collected 9.5kg of rubbish!

One of those volunteers was Kayleigh Poacher from BBC Radio Norfolk She came along with her friend to take part as well as doing an interview before and after the beach clean

We covered various topics revolving around #Norfolk, the beach, litter, plastic pollution, recycling and promoting how we should all do our bit to #LoveWhereWeLive and #MakeADifference

I'm hoping to drum up some interest for the upcoming beach clean I'm hosting for #NorfolkDay

Remember the petition to ban the sale of flying rings still needs your signature:

Here's the interview if you want to have a listen...

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