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BBC Radio Norfolk - World Oceans Day

On Wednesday 8th June, I was on BBC Radio Norfolk with Chris Goreham...

Talking about World Oceans Day and beach cleans!

The producer of the show contacted me asking if I'd like to chat for 5 minutes about World Oceans Day and importance of our ocean and how beach cleaning can help.

Remember the petition to ban the sale of flying rings still needs your signature:

The same time last year I was on BBC Radio Norfolk being interviewed by Anna Perrott on World Oceans Day and promoting a beach clean I had planned that same day!

I often organise beach clean events to coincide with an awareness day that means something to me...

And 'World Oceans Day' is where it all begin with my beach cleaning passion / obsession / journey. Because it is a journey... it's a never ending one but we can keep doing what we do and #MakeADifference to the area we live, to the environment and the local community that benefit from the results!

Here's the interview if you want to have a listen...

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