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These terms and conditions apply to the annual sponsorship of a ‘Beach Toy Borrow Box’ by Norfolk Beach Cleans CIC and are to be agreed by the 'SPONSOR' prior to the sponsorship.

  1. The sponsorship is £60 for one (1) year. That's only £5 a month for advertising your business's support to the scheme.

  2. The sponsorship is for one (1) ‘Beach Toy Borrow Box’ only, for one of the existing installations.

  3. In exchange for sponsorship, Norfolk Beach Cleans CIC are providing a ‘Beach Toy Borrow Box’, allowing the 'SPONSOR' to display a sign on the front of the box advertising the sponsor's company / business.

  4. The 'SPONSOR' sign shall be supplied by the 'SPONSOR' and attached to the ‘Beach Toy Borrow Box’ by Norfolk Beach Cleans CIC once payment has been received (please allow 5-7 working days).

  5. Sponsorship must be paid prior to any sponsorship sign being added to the ‘Beach Toy Borrow Box’.

  6. Norfolk Beach Cleans CIC is responsible for seeking the land owner’s permission for the ‘Beach Toy Borrow Box’ to be installed at the location.

  7. The 'SPONSOR' cannot re-locate the ‘Beach Toy Borrow Box’ to a location of their choosing. The location will be at one of the existing locations.

  8. The ‘SPONSOR’ is permitted to sharing social media posts / photos by Norfolk Beach Cleans CIC in relation to the sponsored ‘Beach Toy Borrow Box’.

  9. Norfolk Beach Cleans CIC reserves the right to cancel the sponsorship of the ‘Beach Toy Borrow Box’ at any notice. A full/partial refund shall be returned to the ‘SPONSOR’ by Norfolk Beach Cleans CIC.

  10. As part of the sponsorship agreement, Norfolk Beach Cleans CIC will maintain the ‘Beach Toy Borrow Box’ ensuring it's fit for purpose.

  11. Norfolk Beach Cleans CIC are responsible for securing the ‘Beach Toy Borrow Box’ as part of the installation.

  12. Norfolk Beach Cleans CIC accepts no responsibility for any damage caused to the ‘Beach Toy Borrow Box’ once it has been installed.

  13. Norfolk Beach Cleans CIC accepts no responsibility if the ‘Beach Toy Borrow Box’ is stolen. Sponsorship will not be refunded and instead used towards making a new ‘Beach Toy Borrow Box’.

Sponsorship Agreement: Text
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