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A collaboration is the situation of two or more people / organisations working together to create or achieve the same thing!

Typically, the workload & organisation of the event is split equally between the parties in collaboration with each other, however that's not always the case...

It could be that one person (i.e. with the expertise & tools/equipment) does all of the planning/organising and the other party would add their name to the event as if it were a joint effort.

Depending on the collaboration type/style, I may charge a fee**.

Especially in cases where the event is being charged for people to attend.

** I may ask for a minimum* fee of £10 to cover costs such as insurance, travel, parking, time and equipment wear & tear.

* This would depend on location and the collaboration terms discussed.

In cases where the collaboration involved a charity (subject to collaboration terms), I'd absorb the costs incurred and the fee would be waivered.

If the collaboration is more focussed towards a sponsorship of an event, please see below for details on sponsorship...

Collaboration: Programs
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