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BBC Radio Norfolk - Make A Difference Awards - Open Now!

I was on BBC Radio Norfolk with Chris Goreham this morning!

Talking about the Make A Difference awards nominations being open now!

Last year (2022), I was nominated and short listed for the 'Environmental' award category, although I didn't win it was really nice to be recognised to be making a difference for the environment in Norfolk.

Nominations for this year (2023) are now open until 5th March.

And although the 'Environmental' category isn't part of the awards this year, there is 'The Green Award' category, awarded to an individual or group of people who help to make where we live more environmentally friendly and better for nature.

The other categories available to nominate those who are making a difference are as follows:

* Volunteer.

* Community Group.

* Fundraiser.

* Carer.

* Great Neighbour.

* Bravery.

* The Together Award

Information on how to make a nomination can be found here:

If you'd like to nominate myself for 'The Green Award', the details you'll need can be found on the Facebook page here: Norfolk Beach Cleans | Great Yarmouth | Facebook

Since setting up Norfolk Beach Cleans in 2021, with the help from the hundreds of volunteers, we've now removed over 2000kg (2 tonnes) of litter from the environment!

Here's the radio interview if you want to have a listen...

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