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For The Ocean...

Founded by Emma Sturman in January 2021, Norfolk Beach Cleans was created to encourage the public to get involved in beach cleans and litter picking in general.

My main reason behind beach cleaning is to protect what I love which is the ocean, environment and the wildlife.

One of my hobbies is scuba diving and so it’s in my interest to reduce the impact litter has on the ocean, not only from a scuba diving point of view but from a survival point of view, because every second breath of oxygen we breathe comes from the ocean.

If the plastic pollution continues to cause destruction to marine life and the ocean ecosystems, the consequences will be devastating for all life on earth.

It might sound exaggerated and morbid but ultimately this is what would happen and we need to do something about it, NOW!

I organise beach cleans to remove litter from the environment but the main thing we need to do is reduce our consumption of single use plastic and this is where the government and larger manufacturers need to take action.

Norfolk Beach Cleans has received a lot of support towards the cause since starting group beach clean events on 23rd May 2021.

In September 2021 Norfolk Beach Cleans officially registered as a Not-For-Profit CIC (community interest company).

The community response has been very positive and it is clear to see that beach cleaning is something people want to get involved in and be a apart of, making a difference to their local area.

My biggest supporter has been my company, Pharos Marine Automatic Power, where they made a very generous donation to help towards funding essential equipment for the cause.

I'm an Electrical Design Engineer during the week and in my free time I host beach cleans.

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As well as volunteering my time hosting beach cleans, I am also:
* A volunteer with Caister Community Larder, created by the Caister Cares group. Founded in 2022 to help the Caister Community with food parcels, as before they were having to collect from locations out of the village!
* A Seal Warden for Friends of Horsey Seals - since Oct 2019.
* A Marine Mammal Medic for British Divers Marine Life Rescue (BDMLR) - since April 2019.

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