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These terms and conditions apply to the hire of litter picking equipment from Norfolk Beach Cleans CIC and are to be agreed by the 'HIRER' prior to the hiring.

  1. The hirer is responsible for the collection and return of the equipment at a time/date agreed between both parties.

  2. The location to collect and return the equipment is: Caister-On-Sea.

  3. There is no charge to hire the equipment, however a voluntary donation is welcome. And it’d be appreciated that any posts of the litter pick / beach clean on social media to tag @NorfolkBeachCleans on Facebook or @norfolk.beach.cleans on Instagram and use the hashtag #NorfolkBeachCleans.

  4. This equipment hire agreement is for a quantity as requested by the hirer, which consists of the following equipment: litter pickers & bag hoops.

  5. Excessive* damage caused to the equipment** (including lost equipment) will be billed to the hirer at market value to replace like for like.

  6. *Excessive refers to 2 or more pieces of equipment.

  7. **Equipment refers to litter pickers and bag hoops.

  8. The hirer is responsible for the organisation of the litter pick event, including but not limited to; seeking landowners’ permission, providing public liability cover and waste disposal of the rubbish collected.

  9. Either party has the right to cancel the hire agreement prior to the agreement date and shall contact the other party of the cancellation prior to the agreement date.

  10. Norfolk Beach Cleans CIC accepts no responsibility for any damage caused to person or property from improper use of the equipment associated with the hire agreement.

  11. The hirer is responsible for supplying rubbish bags for waste disposal. Norfolk Beach Cleans no longer provides reusable sacks as part of the equipment hire.

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