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Ban The Sale of Flying Rings!!

I went into Wilko in Great Yarmouth, Market Gates Shopping Centre on 26th March and was annoyed to see they were selling flying rings!

You'd think because of our local seal population that these would NOT BE SOLD so close to the beach!!!

They may be "fun for the beach" but not so fun for a seal who gets one stuck around it's neck and as it grows it'll cut into it's skin!!!!

Please Wilko reconsider the sale of this toy! Especially in coastal areas...

Sign petition here to get the sale of these banned:

Kate Wing has created a group on Facebook dedicated to this campaign: Banning the Sale of Flying Rings- Save our Marine Wildlife | Facebook

On 19th April, Kate discovered The Range, in Great Yarmouth also had these flying rings / discs for sale. The store manager removed them from the shop floor only for them to reappear the next day! Profits before animal welfare it seems...



Photo Credit: Kate Wing

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