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Beach Toy Borrow Box

It's an idea I had July 2021 after picking up enough beach toys littered on the beach that I could have opened my own shop!

I saw the idea on Instagram but it's only until recently that I've got the ball rolling on the project.

I bought the wooden crate from someone that makes planters out of pallets, the base coat paint was donated by a local in Caister and the bright pink and blue paint I got from B&Q and B&M, costing more than the wooden crate!

It's currently installed at Caister Lifeboat Station and I'm hoping that it'll be used and not abused. The aim of this borrow box is to prevent beach toys being left on the beach and if the parents don't want to take the toys home with them then they can put the buckets /spades in this box for others to use.

The plan is to create more of these boxes, but I'll be looking for local businesses to sponsor a box to cover the costs or a small grant to make my plans a reality.

If your business would be interested in sponsoring a 'Beach Toy Borrow Box' send me a message...

See here for more details on sponsoring a 'Beach Toy Borrow Box':

#BeachToyBorrowBox #BeachToys #ReducingBeachLitter #RespectTheBeach #TakeYourRubbishHome

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