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Greatest Hits Radio

On 3rd July, I was on Greatest Hits Radio Norfolk!

I was talking about beach cleaning and about #PlasticFreeJuly

It was pre-recorded on 2nd July to be aired over that weekend during the news segments...

I mentioned in the radio interview... We can only do our best and it's the manufacturers that need to reduce the plastic usage in their packaging first and foremost! In an ideal world we'd be rid of single use plastic, living plastic free every day, but it's just not feasible!

But for #PlasticFreeJuly we can challenge ourselves and encourage others to reduce our use of single use plastic!! And none of that #PlasticShaming or calling out hypocrites on using plastic still when they're claiming to be 100% zero waste, because it's not easy! It wouldn't be called a challenge if it was easy!

Have a browse on a zero waste shop (local or online) and make a few plastic free swaps Check out Be Planet Kind based in Norwich...

There's also an article on the Greatest Hits Radio website:

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